Secret of Youth is a Natural DermaCosmetics company, demonstrating a novel and natural approach to treating skin disorders. Our products contain 11 different whole fruits and vegetables – including pulp, peel and seeds – as well as additional active ingredients for increased effectiveness. The products are naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are designed to rehabilitate the skin and preserve its beauty and vitality.

The company was established in 2007 by Prof. Yehuda Kahane and Mr. Rami Maimon who had a vision to leverage the efficacy of natural formulations for cosmeceutical standards and requirements, based on 50 years of knowhow in formulation and development of natural dermatological products and clinically proven solutions for common skin conditions.

The targeted customers for our products are Dermatologists and Pediatricians that recognize the benefits of natural active ingredients that are, more effective, natural, clinically-tested, safe for long term use and free from side effects.

The Management

Prof. Yehuda Kahane

Chairman of the board. Entrepreneur and Investor in many successful technology companies. Founder of the YKCenter, a social impact business. Professor at Tel Aviv University, where he heads the Akirov Institute for Business and Environment.

Rami Mymon

Entrepreneur, CPA and Co-founder of Secret of Youth. Well experienced in marketing, product development, mergers and acquisitions, and company valuation.

Dr. Efraim Ben Ari

Research and clinical physiologist (Ph.D.) with a broad spectrum of interest and experience in prevention  and rehabilitation of chronic diseases, along with significant knowledge in complimentary medicine.

Ze'ev Shoham

Vice President Sales & Marketing - Leadership, branding, strategic planning and execution, product development, builder distribution networks for various products worldwide, branding,results-driven. Profound knowledge and experience in business development and new market entry for more than 23 years.

Our Mission

Secret of Youth’s Mission is to manufacture and market unique, natural, innovative, clinically-proven formulations and high quality products for treating various skin disorders.

Unique Technology

Our products can be defined under the category of – Natural Dermatologic Skin Care.

Secret of Youth’s Patented Botanical Synergy.

Secret of Youth products contain high concentrations of natural ingredients that act synergistically and enhance efficiency.The Company’s natural skin care products are based on a patented, highly-effective and unique combination of whole fruits and vegetables – including pulp, peel and seeds.

Product ingredients, including the various combinations of whole fruits and vegetables, are carefully selected, based on extensive R&D, in order to ensure the skin care products demonstrate enhanced safety and efficacy.

The company’s is constantly researching the properties of additional fruits and vegetables to be added to its portfolio.

The active ingredients selected excel in their high stability and potency, due to optimal chemical reactions between the vitamins and minerals in the formulations, which also contribute to a longer shelf life.

Certifications, Standards and Patent

Certificated under the regulation of ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (GMP cosmetics) and ISO13485 (Medical device)

Secret of Youth Brand hold patent on Derived Compositions and Uses Thereof - (196695)


Secret of Youth’s products are perfectly lined up with the Dermatology’s market approach and principles




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Following the successful global launch of our new product WrinkX™ at Cosmoprof Hong Kong in November 2017, Secret of Youth will feature the product WrinkX and WrinkX To Go™, a 5ml personal version of the cosmetic syringe, in Europe at Cosmoprof Bologna from March 15th-18th 2018.


The innovative anti-aging product was a phenomenal hit at its global launch at Cosmoprof Hong Kong, where Chinese Beauty Companies marveled at the rapid results and chic WrinkX™ dispenser.

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We are seeking for strategic partners with industry knowledge, capabilities and a compelling need to enhance their portfolio and establish Secret of Youth in both pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical channels.

The main audience for our products are buyers of toiletries and cosmetic products from leading retail and pharma chains that recognize the benefits of clinically-tested products with natural active ingredients sourced from whole fruits and vegetables, safe for long term use and free from side effects.

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